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Women + Archives is a collective working across a range of creative practices at Manchester Metropolitan University and in Greater Manchester museums. Our work showcases how museum collections and archives can be used to reframe the past to ensure all voices are present and heard.   
The group hosted its first event March 2023 to coincide with International Women’s Day at Hat Works Museum Stockport. We are currently working with Hat Works Museum and Arc Centre Centre Stockport to programme a series of workshops and events as part of Stockport's Town of Culture 2024.
Exhibition opening Fri 8th March - International Women's Day 2024
Open 8th- 23rd March 2024
Workshop 4 -Drawing The Archive
Workshop 3 - Through Women's Eyes
Workshop 2 -Taking Stockport
Workshop 1 -Stockport:The Female Gaze
Women + Archives Symposium 2023
Photographs ©Elle Brotherhood