“When I woke up this morning, I wasn't exactly sure what a photo walk was or what I'd signed
myself up for... Within about 3 seconds flat I knew I was in the right place”

Workshop group photo
On a rainy November afternoon in Stockport, photographer, art director and creative facilitator Elle Brotherhood gathered a group of budding photographers at On The Brink Studio ahead of her tour exploring the hidden gems of the town. The afternoon started with an introduction to Elle’s practice in her studio, particularly her interest in form, texture and shadow, setting the tone for the afternoon’s activities. Participants were encouraged to chat about their experiences of photography and browse some of Elle’s favourite photography books for inspiration. The group were armed with a range of different kit from digital cameras to smart phones.
Taking to the streets, the group documented the urban landscape around them, capturing the often-unnoticed lines, structures and textures of Stockport. Elle pointed out some of her most photographed areas and highlighted the beauty in the seemingly mundane environment around her, allowing participants to challenge their photography skills by working with new angles and adapting to the low winter light. 
Walking from On The Brink Studio toward the town centre and bustling Little Underbank, the group captured the Town of Cultures's colours and characteristics while discussing their favourite independent businesses and places to eat. Walking as a group provided the participants a space to focus, share and be creative without hesitation and while many of the group had lived in Stockport for a long time, walking with Elle allowed them the opportunity to take stock of the environment around them.
The walk culminated in a warm drink and follow up chat at Hat Works Museum, with the group sharing their images and thoughts after the walk. For Women + Archives, Elle’s photo walk captures Stockport as it is now, in a time of transition and growth as Town of Culture. Not only do these workshop activities provide a free access to creativity in the town, but they capture the changing landscape of the town we live and work in, creating a new kind of archive for the town.
All photography © ElleBrotherhood 
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